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Scholarly Communications

Tennessee State University Libraries provides scholarly communications services to support a variety of issues relating to the process by which scholarly research and works are created, evaluated, disseminated, and preserved.

These encompass such topics as:

  • Digital Scholarship @ Tennessee State University: TSU's open access institutional repository, a place to preserve and share faculty, student, and staff scholarly works.
  • Scholarly Communications and Publishing: Helping you think through your many options to disseminate your research works to increase your scholarly impact and help your work reach a wider audience within your field.
  • Copyright: Helping you think through how to utilize copyright in your teaching and research, as well as how to consider the copyright for your own works.
  • Author Rights: Helping you understand your rights as a copyright owner, how you can retain your rights when publishing, and what you can do with your works when you have signed away the rights to your publisher.
  • Research Data Management Planning: Helping you to plan how to structure, organize, store, and share your research data to fulfill funder requirements.
  • Open Educational Resources: Helping you to utilize open access textbooks and resources to reduce the class costs for students and tailor your course materials of the course to your students.
  • Open Access: Helping you to find resources for free and make your papers, data, or other publications available to researchers around the globe.
Service Contact
  • Lisa Krajecki,
  • Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • 5206