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Remote Teaching, Learning, and Research

Pertinent information regarding the new and existing services the Tennessee State University's Libraries and Media Centers provide.

Lean Library Introduction

Tennessee State Univesity subscribes to Lean Library, a browser extension that alerts you when online content is available through the TSU  library while you are doing your research both on and off campus. Lean Library knows all the electronic resources TSU's Brown Daniel Library has access to, whether it's a library purchase or subscription service. Lean Library will point TSU users to our library resources when they are searching. Regardless of how you arrive at an e-resource, Lean Library will alert you if you have access to an e-resource through the library. If you attempt to access an e-resource the library doesn't subscribe to; Lean Library will look for other ways to access the content, such as placing an interlibrary loan request or directing you to open access versions.

Once installed, the extension will bring our university library to you anywhere, anytime. Using Lean Library means spending less time searching and more time reading. 

Lean Library incorporates the following key features:

  • Authentication Redirection: When you visit a website where the Library has a subscription (such as ScienceDirect), Lean Library automatically recognizes the website and redirects you through the Library's authendication server, so that the website gives you full access to Library-subscribed content.
  • Open Access Full Text Alternatives: If you're looking at an article where the Library lacks a subscription, Lean Library will automatically search for a freely available version. 
  • E-Books: Looking at a book online? If Lean Library recognizes the site, it will attempt to see if the Library has an accessible e-book version you can read.
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for journal articles: If the Library doesn't have a subscription to the journal and no free alternatives are available, Lean Library will provide a link to Interlibrary Loan, making it easy to place an ILL request for an article.
  • Google Scholar and PubMed integration:  Seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as Google Scholar and PubMed. 

Lean Library Extension User FAQs 


Get Started with Lean Library

Lean Library Video Tutorial